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Follow Cam

If you have a moving subject, our pilots can follow them.  We've filmed surfers, kiteboarders, sailboats, motorboats, cars, skateboarders, joggers, bikers, divers, swimmers, kayaks and even animals.  Weather permitting, we can set a course and follow the subject as close as 1m and as far away as 300m.  Our craft are equiped with stabilizers to ensure smooth shots without shake or vibrations, in wind speeds up to 25mph!

Whatever the occasion, we can come to you.  Our pilots can be airborne in as little as 5 minutes on site.  




Let our team capture the highlights while you make the most of your special day!  We'll film the excitement from start to finish so that you don't miss out on any of the magic.  Indoor, outdoor, destination, wherever you need us, we're there.  

Special Events

Climbing the malecon in Lima, Peru; 1000ft above the Black Rock Desert in Nevada; crossing the finish line in the Panama Canal; dancing to the music and lights at your favorite festival.  Let our team help document from a brand new perspective.

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