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Our Work

Dronografía is an aerial filming and photography company based in Panama City, Panama.  We bring you a safe and cost-effective alternative to videography and photography done from a plane or helicopter.  If there's an aerial shot you need, we can help you get it.


Value for your team:


  • Aerial follow cam for video productions including music videos, sporting events, documentaries and web based videos.

  • HD 1080p video recording

  • 12MP satellite and panoramic photography

  • Exterior building inspections and site surveying for homes and apartments

  • Agriculture and farm monitoring


Our team has worked across the globe in exotic locations and we'd like to do the same with you.  One of our pilots arrives on site, coordinates flights, flies and delivers the footage same day.  You can watch from our live video feed as your images are being recorded.  Then, keep the raw footage or let our production team turn it into something to share.  


Have an event in mind and considering your options?  Take a look at our gallery.  

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